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Dec 13, 2012 5:00am PST
. police identified suspected mastermind as dana martin convicted killer in prison in new mexico. he plotted to kill bieber after his attempts to contact the singer fail. the hit men were on their way to new york they missed an exit and ended up at the canadian border where they were detained by border patrol agents. >>> more flooding expected today, highest tides of the year in a few hours. >>> special services this morning to remember the four people killed in san francisco, including the man found bound and gagged earlier this week. >>> tablet computer accessory that could end timing on a up screen. >>> good thursday morning. i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. sue has been following fatal accident on san mateo bridge. >>> starting to slow a bit on the western portion of the span past the highrise towards the foster city boulevard area. you can see the flashing lights far right of the screen it is dark out there brake lights towards the westbound highrise section not bad, we were expecting a bigger jam-up. three lanes on
Dec 1, 2012 5:00am PST
the country's mag before the guard of honor and members of the new cabinet. he will officially be sworn into office later today. he is a member of the institutional revolutionary party which ruled mexico for seven decades until losing power amidst a scandal in 2000. he promise the to govern democratically and with transparency. >>> an oregon man is recovering from a shark attack in hawaii while authorities are trying to decide whether to reopen about two miles of beach. he was snorkeling on maui when the shark attacked him about 200 yards offshore. he suffered cuts on his leg and thigh and was rescued by hive guards. he knew the shark was about two feet wide but didn't know what type of shark it was that attacked him. >> we will start an assessment and have all the different agencies get together and they will make a determination as to when exactly to open the waters again. >> the attack took place near the central resort of kehe on the south side of nowry. >>> the teenager who was denied an eagle scout award because he was gay will be honored by officials on monday. he spent ten years
Dec 10, 2012 5:00am PST
experience symptoms for months and may need repeated hospital admissions. kira klapper, abc7 news. >>> this morning the brother of mexican-american superstar jenni rivera is confirming she is among the seven killed if a plane crash no one survive in the mountains of northern mexico yesterday. the singer born in southern california best known for her -- >> is up a big shock to the family, -- it is such a big shock to the family. most of you who know my sister know she was a very strong person she fight for everything in life, great person. >> there are reports had mechanical problems in the past. she was considered a role model to women, young people and members of the gay community. in the past year she had been working to break into the united states market. mexico's version of people magazine named her one of that nation's most powerful women. >>> the heaviest snow storm to hit in past two winters is expected to ease up some today travel still difficult. central and southern minnesota experienced heavy snow accumulations overnight, more than 2300 -- more than 300 crashes statewi
Dec 11, 2012 5:00am PST
of year when more people are out and distracted. >>> u.s. crash investigators headed to mexico to help determine cause of plane crash that killed singer jenni rivera. we are learning more about the jet and people at the controls. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with the new details. >> reporter: mexican officials are hoping to find the black box which will tell them if the jet had a mechanical problem or voice er so they can hear what the pilots were saying -- in their last moments. u.s. is sending a team from nhtsa to help with the search and the investigation. small twin engine was 43-years-old and had been in an did in way to it ran off the runway in texas. nhtsa blamed pilot error. the pilots logged 19 hours on their shift, one was 78-years-old many an investigators says that may not matter. >> there is no age limit for pilots as long as you can pass a medical. >> reporter: it will take up to 10 days for initial results of the investigation. right now no apparent cause of the crash, which has left fans on both sides of the border in deep mourning. other high profile crashes invol
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4